About Us

"Innovation is the only way to win." - Steve Jobs. It sure is! If you're not innovating, you're not learning; if you're not learning, you're not living and if you're not living; you might as well try to innovate, life will have wonderful gifts to offer... Isometric Movies, the new born of our innovation, is a film production house that's soon reaching your laptops, tablets and smart phones with such wonderful gifts. We are planning to bring you films. We have started writing stories out of our own experiences and others' too. We have been making short films and uploaded on 'Youtube'. This is next step to make films, little bigger and sensational too. We will be glad to present you these stories now onwards. We are working on many subjects to be narrated to you via audio visuals. We would like to make an appeal to people who are willing to participate in our movies. There are people among you, who are willing to work as actors etc and willing to show their talent. We keep that platform ready for those, who deserve to be with us. Our films will be on our website. Times have changed now. An era has come to watch movies on phones. A time will come where people will not go to theatres to watch movies. They will watch them on their smart phones, tabs, ipads, computers etc. I am Anand Budhkar. I have plunged into making films. I will be looking after stories and getting them converted into movies. Please do write to us about what you feel.